Abiola Ibraheem MD

PROFILE Abiola Ibraheem MD is a Nigerian/American. She is a trained medical oncologist whose interest is in global oncology with the goal of bringing quality medical care to all under served persons around the world. She believes strongly that survival from infirmity should not be highly dependent on financial disposition or geographical locations.

Her early medical training was at Olabisi Onabanjo University of Ogun State, after graduating in 2006, she went on to work with Lagos state health service. During her service in Lagos, she was able to see the health care disparities and the profound medical need in Nigeria.

An outstanding event was meeting with a middle aged teacher newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Over series of encounter with this wonderful woman, she felt helpless; this in turn sparked her will to pursue a medical career in oncology hence the beginning of her journey back to the United States to study further.

She underwent her internship and residency at Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta after which she went on to do fellowship in hematology/oncology at University of Chicago

As a woman of great faith driven by passion to close the cancer divide, she works relentlessly with colleagues home and abroad to make this a reality.


“My patients teach me so much about love, life, family, friendship, gratitude, and perseverance and together we have hope which has been put in the Lord.  Psalm 39v7 The Hope that one day, people/patients in Nigeria and all over the world will have a better chance at life.”

                                                                                       – Dr. Abiola Ibraheem.