1. To build free missionary schools that cater to the educational needs of the children of missionaries on the Lord’s assignment.
  2. To provide sound but free education to children in the poorest regions in the world.
  3. To create a sound, selfless, Christianity based education curriculum, with the service to the one and only God as its target.
  4. To give free adult education to the illiterate, in order to increase their self-belief and possibility awareness, so that they can have accurate knowledge of the expectations of God, and understand the nature and scope of human advancements.
  5. To provide swiftly for the educational progress of both children and adult refugees and displaced persons anywhere in the world through versatile and mobile educational facilities.
  6. To inspire the quest for education by creating awareness and providing for other needs that will facilitate the return to educational values by those who have since neglected it due to various reasons.