1. To provide a good free meal at least once a day for persons living in extreme poverty who lack the ability to feed themselves.
  2. To create sources of profitable income for the indigent by helping with small scale business start ups, which involves giving grants, effective monitoring and mentoring by our members and partners who are proven entrepreneurs until such business grow and are able to meet the daily needs of the beneficiaries.
  3. To have a versatile and mobile feeding scheme for refugees and displaced persons in any part of the world.
  4. To have outlets through which very cheap but good food and consumables are distributed to millions of persons in the poorest communities in the world at the lowest prices possible.
  5. To find the way through which the richest countries in the world [who are currently wasting 60% of their food production] can meet the needs of nations who are going through seasons of natural and or disaster/war induced famine so that they can feed.