Partners can focus their attention on their core trades/investments with full assurance that Praiseville International Helps Ministry is proficiently helping them fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibilities in communities around the world.

Helps puts a humane face to the rugged, faceless and often selfish outlook in which companies and establishments are viewed by clients and communities all over the world.

Partnership with us shows that Corporate organizations are made up of people who have a heart; and empathy towards other people, especially those who are oppressed and in need.

The partner becomes a member of an International Humanitarian family, and a part of a worldwide Professional and non Professional Helps community.

The Partnership also creates a personal friendship between the Partner and communities, people of all backgrounds and persons of all race, religion, gender and creed.

Helping the helpless will create a deep bond leading to loyalty between the Corporate Partner and the consumer, more so if the consumer benefits from the Partners benevolence, or the Partners benevolence appeals to their sense of humanity.

The Partnership creates an advantage in International investing since the Corporate Partners patronage will come from communities or countries that have benefited from or heard about the partners benevolence toward the poor.

It helps the Partner create an awareness of its person and/or product(s) in a manner that is unbeatable by any form of advertising.

It creates a subconscious desire in the consumer about the Corporate Partner and the products leading to patronage.

We can run a full humanitarian program that is entirely the idea of our partner using the strength, reach and uniqueness of the ministry, provided that such idea does conflict with the principles of the ministry.

We will be the eyes, the ears and the hands of our Partners to actualizing the humane projects of their choice.

We will make sure that our Partners get full credit for their help to humanity by our creating the awareness of the partners involvement in their projects of choice, except the Partner feels otherwise.

We will also allow the Partner to use their Partnership with us and the projects of their choice to boost their profile in anyway that will help promote their person, company and humanitarian profile, provided such projections does not go against the ideologies of Praiseville International Helps Ministry.

Partners will get constant updates on the projects they are giving for, which will include accounts of how their contribution is expended.

We are also committed to utilizing the contributions of our partners to the fullest, eradicating the losses and wastages that often characterize helps projects.

Partnership in our humane projects will help our Partners better negotiate on their tax returns, especially in countries and communities that benefit directly from the Partner’s benevolence.

We believe in prayers, so we pray for our partners on a daily bases covering every area of their life needs and businesses.

We also pray the personal request of our Partners in our quest to play a part in the actualization of their Godly desires and aspirations.

We strongly believe that God commands His blessings towards those that go out of their way to be of help to others, we will support such blessings with our constant prayers.