The following must be strictly adhered to

The corporate Partner consist of local and International Organizations, Businesses, NGOs and Church Bodies who choose to support and/or participate in the collective or specific projects of Praiseville International Helps Ministry by contributing through 

1.Payments of Corporate Tithes; 
2. Financial donations; 
3. Provision o  Equipment and materials to support the actualization of projects;
4. Support by the supply of tangible and Intangible services to enhance
the success of projects; 
5. Assistance in training, educational and developmental projects for both human and the nations.

The Corporate Partner must  be an organisation with a solid record ofbeing law abiding, performing its due benevolence to the society to which it belongs.
The Corporate Partner must not be producing weapons or any other form of equipment that is designed to take human life of cause mass
The Corporate Partner must not do its business in a way that is injurious to human health or the environment.
The Corporate Partner must not promote or support terrorism, segregation, racism or any act leading to or prolonging warfare or civil disturbance.
The Corporate Partner must treat its staff well at all times, and must not cheat, or take undue advantage of the trust of its clients/customers.
The Corporate Partner must love the existence and continuity of peace and goodwill in all societies and be willing to support such.
The Corporate Partner must love humanity and be willing to do everything within its powers to ensure its peaceful and continued existence whether the frame work of the Corporate Partner acknowledges the existence of God or not.
The Corporate Partner must be willing to render help to humanity, must think and operate beyond the existence of itself and be willing to
promote the goodwill, safety and progress of others.

Praiseville International reserves the right to investigate the activities of a Corporate Partner to ascertain whether it complies with the rules of this Partnership or not.

Partnership to Praiseville International is a privilege and not aright, therefore Praiseville International reserves the right to terminate the Partnership of the Corporate Partner where it discovers that the above stated conditions are not met or adhered to. In the event that Partnership is terminated, the Terminated  Corporate Partner reserves the right to Appeal the termination before the Boardof Trustees within 3 months of termination, the decision of the Board of Trustees is FINAL.

NOTE: The conditions for Partnership may be revised and/or improve upon at anytime. When revised, it will remain binding on the Partner
Where the revised condition is considered unfavorable to the Partner, the Corporate Partner has the right to terminate his/her Partnership.
In this event, the Board of Trustees of Praiseville International shall be given 3 months to Appeal the Partners decision.
All contributions are FREE WILL. To this end, Praiseville International will not be required to refund and/or pay any
compensation to Terminated Partnership.