The following must be strictly adhered to

The individual partner is a person/persons who chooses to support the collective, or a specific project of Praiseville International Helps Ministry by contributing through

1. Financial donations
2. Provisions  of material needs for actualization of projects; 
3. Participating directly in service by bring their personal skill set, abilities and training to assist in projects; and 4. Praying consistently for the
success of the ministry and its projects.

The Individual Partner must be law abiding, and responsible member of the society that performs his/her civic responsibilities to the prime of their abilities, having a good reputation before God and the people. 
The Financing Partner must have a traceable source of income in ventures that abide by the laws of the society in which they live and/or do business.
The individual partner must be selfless with a genuine love for people and humanity irrespective of their race, religious belief, creed,disposition or background.
The Individual Partner must be devoid of any dimension of hate or desire to avenge a real or imaginary wrong, he/she must not engage in         
interracial or religious wars, rioting, acts of violence, civil disturbance or any such activity.

Praiseville International reserves the right to investigate the activities of a partner to ascertain whether he/she complies with the  rules of Partnership or not.Partnership to Praiseville International remains a privileged and not a right, therefore Praiseville International reserves the right to terminate

Partnership of the individual member where it is discovered that the above stated conditions are not met, or adhered
to.In the event that Partnership is terminated, the terminated Partner reserves the right to appeal the termination before the Board of
Trustees within 3 months of termination, the decision of the Board of Trustees is FINAL.

NOTE: The conditions for Partnership may be revised and/or improved upon at anytime. When revised, it will remain binding on the Partner.
Where the revised condition is considered unfavorable to the Partner, the Individual Partner has the right to terminate his/her Partnership.
In this event, the Board of Trustees of Praiseville International shall be given 3 months to Appeal the Partner’s decision.

All contributions are FREE WILL. To this end, Praiseville International will not be required to refund and/or pay any compensation to Terminated Partnership.