We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do

Human Empathy

To show humanity the tangible love of god irrespective of race,Gender, religion, or creed.And carry out humanitarian developments and build infrastructure for sustainability of the needy

God's Love

To show mankind the abundance of god’s grace and benevolence, by Giving to overcome spiritual, physical, physiological, interlectual, Educational, financial and moral needs of the helpless person/people and their nation.

A Place Of Refuge

To creat a place of refuge in every nation for christians under Persecution, as well as all displaced persons and refugees without Prejudice to their race, religion, gender of creed .


To create an environment for christians and other persons to do business and generate income in the atmosphere of the christian Doctrines of love, selflessness, integrity, equity and justice.

Restore Hope

To provide humanitarian assistance to persons affected by conflicts,Disasters, epidemic breakouts, addictions and modern day slavery

Salvation And Morality

To help build societies where ethical behaviour and moral value is watch word,Pray relentlessly for all peoples, kindred and nations of the earth.and preach the gospel of peace in all nations of the earth.

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