Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.

About Us

Praiseville International Helps Ministry is a holistic
Christian helps group that is founded by a divine instruction from God for us to help humanity, the poor, the oppressed, the afflicted and the helpless of every nation, and kindred; irrespective of their race, gender, religion or creed.
The Mandate given to Praiseville International by God  is to build a consortium of humane persons of like spirit and mind; who see beyond their personal needs, but are ready to deploy their natural gifts, skills, education, abilities, finances and talents to help others ;particularly those who do not have the ability to help themselves.

— Our Mission

To raise a people of  like minds and spirit willing and determined to carry out the vision without bias, irrespective of race, gender, disposition or creed.

— Our Vision

To reach the world through helps; physiological, material, educational, mental, while displaying the tangible love of the Father through the Son by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What We Are Not

Praiseville International Helps
Ministry is not a congregational assembly, we are a collection of
people with like spirit, and like minds sharing a common empathy for
the poor, the oppressed and the helpless. We are from different
denominations with a common goal to help  the helpless, and affect
humanity in a significant way. We however partner with established and
reputable congregational assemblies for the spiritual birth, growth
and sustenance of the human race.
Praiseville International is
not a political pressure group, we make no attempt to interfere with
the political landscape of the nations or regions in which we perform
our humanitarian work. We however owe it to humanity and posterity to
let the governments know about the plights of the poor, the neglected
and oppressed within the territories under their governance, and give
informed counsel on how to make the lives of the people better.
Praiseville international is
not a profit making organisation, no aspect of the activities of this
Ministry is designed to make profit for itself. We however will do
everything in the sphere of our influence and the law to assist our
Partners to prosper and continue to be at the top in their respective
industry. It is also in the agenda of this ministry to help the poor
create sources of profitable income to make them attain self
dependency. We also intend tp alleviate sufferings through programmes
aimed at subsidizing goods and services to the barest minimum for the
benefit of the poor.